Top 5 ‘Fallout 4’ Xbox One Mods To Check Out; What To Do When Game Crashes At Startup [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" is one of the best Western role-playing video game to launch in 2015, and it was launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC. At first, the PC got the advantage of getting mods, but lately the consoles have gotten it with the Xbox One at an earlier time.

According to the official website of Bethesda, there are currently more than 4,000 mods available for the Xbox One platform. Only a select few are recommended to be installed to make a player's gameplay better and fun. Here are the top five "Fallout 4" Xbox One mods to check out.

5. Stronger Workshop Defenses with no perk requirements

One of the most popular mods for "Fallout 4" is this one, which strengthens the defenses of the players' home bases. This adds several unique bubble turrets to the workshop, which removes its requirements for it to be built. It can be mounted on any wall or ceiling for their convenience.

4. The Moon Palace (requires Far Harbor DLC)

For players who are looking for a better looking home base, then they might consider downloading this "Fallout 4" mod. This house is located on Far Harbor, and it has 25 rooms with servant NPCs, workbench chambers, unique outfits, storage chambers, and a unique classical music soundtrack.

3. Fresh Game Play Overhaul

This "Fallout 4" mod alters the character's attributes, added more traits to the game, and it focuses more on character creation. This mod focuses on the positives and negatives of character building, which makes every decision the players make will be crucial.

2. Companion Armors and Overhaul

For the players who are getting bored with the normal look of their companions, this is the "Fallout 4" mod they are looking for. It gives the human and synth companions new faces and new custom armors for them to wear.

1. Holstered Weapons by Azar

This particular "Fallout 4" mod adds holstered weapons for the male and female characters of the game. These holsters can be crafted at a Chemistry Workstation, or it can be purchased from Malia, a new vendor that can be found on the main road to Concord.

When game crashes at startup with mods

Some players found their "Fallout 4" crashing when they try to start it up with mods installed. According to the official forums of Bethesda, it is important to clear out the mods first and try to launch it again to see if it works. They have to follow some steps in order to delete the mods first.

First, players should press the Xbox button to return home, navigate to the bottom of the Home menu, and select the My Games and Apps app. Choose the Games category, highlight the "Fallout 4" app, press the menu button, and select Manage Game option.

Find the Saved Data list section on the right and highlight the Reserved Space. Players can now press the menu button and select the Clear reserved space option.

Check out the 8 really cool "Fallout 4" Mods for Xbox One video below:

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