Elon Musk Believes In Artificial Intelligence: Why Your Start Up Business Should Focus On AI


Artificial intelligence is the future and Yoshua Bengio is telling AI experts to move to Montreal, Canada to make the province as the first AI hub around the world.

The sudden statement coming from Bengio signals a changing wind in the tech industry. And this is particularly something to watch out for, when it comes to start up entrepreneurs. Artificial Intelligence may just become the largest tech in the future.

Artificial Intelligence was once a story in science fiction novels. An after-thought of the premise "if robots ruled the world." But it can soon become the next living machine. Your Story cites that it learns algorithms that can help big companies in achieving forecasts and results.

In fact, Silicon Valley is already used to having Artificial Intelligence around as a subject of discussion or invention. And the business industry is going to see huge companies like Apple and Google acquire AIs like Turi and TensorFlow.

It may not be the walking and talking Artificial Intelligence that many imagine (from the books). But it is already starting to gain momentum. AI can become a revolution in the future when there are a lot of possibilities that people and startups can mine from it. According to the publication, there is a bigger algorithm out there that no one can even imagine today.

But will Artificial Intelligence be widely accepted in the future? Reports indicate that no one will be able to escape AI. Elon Musk is said to have invested his focus on AI, too. He has his own company called OpenAI and is considered to be one of the biggest critics in the tech.

It is still not clear what form Artificial Intelligence is going to take in the future but with the business sector already looking into AI, start ups, entrepreneurs, schools, universities and professionals could be going to the same direction too.

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