University Of Delaware Student Returns After Putting Up E-Commerce Business


"Authentic Ink Graphs" is a start-up business that thrives on selling celebrity photos and paraphernalia that has celebrity autographs. The company was founded by Danilo Vicioso, an undergraduate from the University of Delaware.

What many do not know is that Danilo dropped out of University of Delaware to start "Authentic Ink Graphs." According to Vicioso, he took the risk and he did it while he was young.

Currently, Danilo Vicioso is a junior at the University of Delaware, cites Technically Media. He explained his decision to leave college when he found that selling celebrity memorabilia was a lucrative business. He left school in 2015 and he did not know if he was ever going back to continue his higher education.

He set up shop in California and hired interns to put up an office in Los Angeles. It was the best place to be, as close to Hollywood as possible, in order to acquire their inventory - autographs! Everything at "Authentic Ink Graphs", he started from scratch. His only work experience was baby sitting. In his company, he created order processing systems, reviewed financial statements, acquired insurance, established payroll and more. He even hired an offshore production site at Lahore, Pakistan to look into social media and analytics.

The University of Delaware undergrad did all of this when he was 19 years old. Many would think he made it good since he increased his revenue by 700 percent. However, Danilo understood that he needed to learn more about the business. Which is why he re-enrolled.

He scaled back "Authentic Ink Graphs", closed down the office in Los Angeles, let go majority of his staff and even dropped his Lahore connections. The business is still thriving but he works remotely. He wants to focus now at the University of Delaware.

He is currently taking on new E-Commerce projects like "Christmas Sweater World" and an app called "Caboodle." Using the knowledge, experience and relationships he discovered last year, he is now aware that furthering his education is important to his future success.

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