Emma Watson In ‘The Circle’ Movie Plays Successful College Graduate


Emma Watson is venturing into another part of the movie sphere. She takes on the role of Mae Holland in a movie adaptation of David Eggers' "The Circle."

In "The Circle," Emma Watson's character plays a recent college graduate who lands a job at a tech company ("The Circle"). It is run by the "Three Wise Men." Her character works in customer experience but because of her success, she quickly climbs the career ladder.

However, what started as a good thing at the beginning, now start to fall apart, cites Lifestyle. Critics describe "The Circle" movie trailer as a halfway between a Silicon Valley recruitment video and a horrific scene from "Black Mirror."

What is "The Circle"? It is a tech company, pretty much like a social media platform. It is led by Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks). The company created "SeeChange" cameras. Emma Watson's character uses the cameras on herself and becomes an internet sensation and trending topic.

The more in-depth she goes with the new tech and with the company, the more she learns that social media is evil. Emma Watson's character has reached a point where she has become a status symbol and is inside a "glass prison of celebrity."

Emma Watson's particular career path is something a lot of professionals often go through. The faster career-driven people go up, the more they learn about the business and the company. Sometimes, it leads them to questions that need to be answered especially when it comes to their goals in life, belief system or future. Although it does not have a dystopian and science fiction story line or ending.

Take the lines from Tom Hanks and Watson in "The Circle" trailer. When Hanks says to a large audience that he believes in the perfectibility of human beings, Emma Watson echoes a similar statement during her job interview. She describes it as a "chaos of the web made elegant." She follows the same belief system until she changes her mind.

Watch out for Emma Watson in "The Circle" as it hits theaters on April 28, 2017.

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