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Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryos Already Has Set Education And Future


Sofia Vergara is known for her role in "Modern Family" as Gloria. But what many do not know is that she is an educated woman. Her role on the hit television series is stereotypical but when she was young, she enrolled at the University of Colombia and took dentistry as her major. However, she needed to pursue further opportunities. She was not able to graduate as she was two semesters short.

Actress Sofia Vergara went into modeling and show business and eventually moved to Miami, Florida to get away from the upheavals in Colombia.

Now, the actress also prepared the future of her children. According to Baby Center, Sofia Vergara and her former boyfriend, Nick Loeb, had produced two embryos via in vitro fertilization. She already named the two embryos as "Emma" and "Isabella." Because both of them are not yet ready to become parents but tried to prepare the future of their kids, they set up a trust which will ensure that both daughters will have a bright future ahead.

Sofia Vergara's trust ensure that the children will be taken cared of. They will have access to health care and education. It is not clear if it includes access to higher education, but the combined income of Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb can afford their college education.

Many parents are opting to do the same when it comes to preparing for their kids' future. However, most of them do not have in vitro fertilized kids at the beginning. But Sofia Vergara is facing challenges right now when it comes to the future of her children.

Her former fiance, Loeb, is disputing that the embryos should be handed over to him so they can be developed via a surrogate. A lawsuit tries to wedge the contract between Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb which states that the embryos will be used with both parties' consent.

If Sofia Vergara's daughters, Emma and Isabella were to go to college someday, which university would they choose?

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