'No Man's Sky' News: Hello Games Releases Patch Notes On Steam For Future PC Updates; Mod Detection Feature Added [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike can still remember the hefty amount of backlash and criticism that Hello Games' recently-released exploration game, "No Man's Sky," has received since its initial launching. From being ridiculed by some gamers to undergoing investigations, the developer has since then released some patch fixes over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to improve the game. As such, it was reported that a new set of patch notes were released via Steam indicating the future updates for the PC.

Previous reports have shown that patch (version 1.1) is the first of many free updates that Hello Games will be releasing for "No Man's Sky," University Herald reported.

It was mentioned therein that the patch included a base-building feature that allows players to create an outpost by utilizing the modular structures and decorations, which can be crafted with the resources found in their travels and explorations.

As such, recent reports have shown that Hello Games have released a new set of patch notes for "No Man's Sky" via Steam, Gamerant learned. It was said that this listing refers to the new patches that will come to the PC in the future.

The source went on to highlight that the developers are utilizing their Steam Communit Hub to reach out to their fans and update them with the current fixes they are testing out for certain bugs in "No Man's Sky."

The list includes the ability to remap the build menu and quick mennu commands to support Azerty keyboards. It also addresses the issue where some NPCs prevented players from receiving critical mission dialogues.

Another key issue they've addressed in "No Man's Sky" is where core items would be moved from their exo suit inventory to their starship's inventory. However, the developers have noted to its fans that this is just a preventive measure and is by no means a way to revert the items back for those who have experienced the bug already.

Lastly, it seems that Hello Games have also added a new feature, mod detection, that will now prompt to players if the game "No Man's Sky" sees a mod installed in it, PC Gamer reported.

Fans can check the full patch notes via Hello Games' Steam Community Hub for its "No Man's Sky" game.

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