The Game Awards 2016 News & Update: Lessons Learned From 'No Man's Sky'; 2 Fan Creation Games Dropped


With just a few days away, fans and gamers can all celebrate the best and honor those who have given their best in the gaming industry as the highly-anticipated The Games Awards 2106 kicks off on Dec. 1.

As such, it was reported that for this years awarding, it would seems that they would be focusing more on gameplay rather than aesthetics all thanks to the community's response over "No Man's Sky." Moreover, it was reported that two games were suddenly dropped from the list in this year's Games Awards.

It was noted that The Game Awards 2016 will be focusing more on depth and substance rather than the aesthetic features of a game, Polygon reported. This shift in attention is mainly due to the lessons learned from the response to "No Man's Sky" and how it failed to live up to fans expectations.

Geoff Keighley, host of the annual awards show, has stated in an interview with Polygon that there is a good lesson to be picked up from what happened to "No Man's Sky" - that is for game developers to be more transparent with their products.

Keighley went on to explain that he knew the game wouldn't live up to its fans' expectations considering that the team behind "No Man's Sky" were only composed of eight guys. He then went on to point out that they made a mistake in showing the game early on.

For this year's Game Awards, Keighley said that they will be focusing more on games delving deeper into the gameplay. Also, he stated that fans might be surprised with the amount of game content that they'll be showcasing this year.

In other news, it was stated by Polygon via posts at NeoGaf, that two games were dropped from the "Best Fan Creation" category at this year's The Game Awards 2016. It was said that "Pokemon Uranium" and "Another Metroid 2 Remake" have disappeared as nominees vying to win the "Best Fan Creation" award.

All these said, it seems that fans and gamers ought to tune in on the much-anticipated The Game Awards 2016 this December.

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