'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update Released! The Game Awards 2016 Focusing On Gameplay Than Looks [VIDEO]


Fans and gamers alike are well aware of the backlash and criticism that Hello Games' recently-released exploration game, "No Man's Sky," has received since its initial launching. After months of silence, the developers have recently announced a major patch to its game called "Foundation" Update. In other news, The Game Awards 2016 will be focusing more on a game's content rather than aesthetics, according to sources.

After it's initial release back in August, "No Man's Sky" has gotten a lot of drama from fans' bashing the game to it being investigated for false advertisement. This time around, it seems that developers from Hello Games have went on to tweet via their official Twitter account that their latest patch, "Foundation" Update, just went live.

It was stated that this patch (version 1.1) is the first of many free updates that Hello Games will be releasing for "No Man's Sky," Gamespot reported. This update introduces base-building and a lot more features that would add more gameplay and content to the game.

It was mentioned by the source that the base-building feature will now allow players to create an outpost by utilizing the "modular structures and decorations, which fans can craft via the resources they find on their travels and explorations.

Moreover, this new feature will enable players to recruit alien lifeforms to assist them in developing new technology, farming, engineering weapons, and more. They can be accessed and hired from the Space Stations found in the game. Hello games have also made it convenient to players to travel to and fro to their bases by using the Terminus Teleporters.

Lastly, the base-building feature will also allow fans to dismantle their original homestead to regain all the resources that they've spent, and relocate them to a better location.

In other news, it was reported that The Game Awards 2016, which will be held on Dec. 1, will be focusing more on gameplay rather than the graphical looks of a game, University Herald has learned.

The shift in attention or consideration is due to the lessons learned from what has recently happened to "No Man's Sky" and how it failed to live up to hype it created, Polygon reported. Geoff Keighley stated in the interview that game developers ought to be more transparent with their titles, which is the biggest lesson they've picked up from the experiences of "No Man's Sky."

All these said, fans can only wait and see on what lies ahead for "No Man's Sky" as Hello Games rolls out more updates in the future.

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