‘Heroes Of The Storm’ New Game Director Looking For New Ways To Push, Improve eSports Experience [VIDEO]


The "Heroes of the Storm" new game director is looking for new methods to push and improve the eSports experience. Previous game director steps down the position to move to other projects.

"Heroes of the Storm" gets new game director

"Heroes of the Storm" will have a new game director, which will be Alan Dabiri. He has been doing his part for the team for months now, and he will be introducing new things to the game soon.

"Heroes of the Storm" new game director wants improvements for eSports experience

Dabiri told Polygon in an exclusive interview that one of their major focuses for "Heroes of the Storm" in 2017 is eSports. He said that he will be looking for new methods to push and improve the experience inside the game for the fans to enjoy. One of the improvements he will be implementing is the addition of a tournament draft mode with a draft observer support.

"Heroes of the Storm" new game director assures requests

Dabiri assured the "Heroes of the Storm" gaming community that the team is looking into the in-game match spectating for eSports matches. This has been one of the many requests that the developers have not yet been able to accomplish. He revealed that the team really wants to get this feature working and they currently have some cool ideas on how they can accomplish this.

"Heroes of the Storm" new game director has big shoes to fill in

Dabiri said that the position he has filled in as the new game director for "Heroes of the Storm" is a big one. The old team with the previous game director was the heart of the game, but he also said that he is excited for the current state of the game. Together with the team, he has huge plans for going forward.

"Heroes of the Storm" previous game director steps down

"Heroes of the Storm's" previous game director Dustin Browder wrote on the official forums of that he has stepped down from his position as the game director. He admitted that it was not an easy choice to make, but it was easier to decide when he knew that the future of the game is in the right hands. He gave his thanks to everyone in the gaming community who continued to support the team and challenge them to make it better.

Check out the "Heroes of the Storm" Ragnaros Spotlight video below:

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