‘Overwatch’ Season 3 Competitive Play Launches With Changes; PTR Now Available [VIDEO]


"Overwatch" season 3 Competitive Play has recently launched and it brings some changes to the game. The Public Test Region server is also now available for players to participate in.

"Overwatch" season 3 Competitive Play Off-Season mode

According to the official blog of "Overwatch," Season 3 Competitive Play has finally started and has introduced several changes to it from Season 2. Off-Season mode was added last time, which allowed players to continue using the Competitive Play ruleset without their skill ratings being affected. This allowed players to experiment with new hero combinations and strategies without worrying about being moved to a lower tier.

"Overwatch" season 3 Competitive Play skill rating changes

The skill rating system has been tweaked by Blizzard once again after they noticed a large increase in the number of Gold and Platinum players last season 2. Overpopulation was the end result of this large increase, and Blizzard had a hard time managing this. This also meant that some players were inappropriately getting higher skill ratings and then they experienced a downward adjustment within the first few matches of the season.

To address the problems that appeared on season 2, they have made some slight adjustments to the Skill Rating system in Season 3. The skill rating will now be more widely distributed across all tiers in the new season. After the new season's placement matches, a lot of players will be ranked lower than expected, but this should normalize as it progresses.

"Overwatch" PTR now available

In other "Overwatch" related news, a new patch is currently in development and it is now available for testing on the PTR. According to another post on the official blog of the video game, players can participate if they have a game license for Windows PC attached to their account in good standing. They must also have installed the game to access PTR.

Check out the "Overwatch" Top 5 Tips For Season 3 video below:

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