‘Resident Evil 7’ Gameplay Video Revealed; PlayStation Experience 2016 Will Feature Game [VIDEO]


A "Resident Evil 7" gameplay video was revealed recently. The PlayStation Experience 2016 will also feature the virtual horror video game as a demo.

"Resident Evil 7" gameplay video revealed

A new gameplay video, which can be viewed below, was revealed recently. It showcased the early stages of the horror video game, and revealed some of its major antagonists, which is the Baker Family. Writer Aoife Wilson wrote on Eurogamer that it is the most "Resident Evil" game he has played in a long time.

Wilson revealed that the video game feels like a true old-school game title that really has the feel of a survival horror one. He also said that the game series' roots are always based on survival horror.

"Resident Evil 7" goes back to where it all started

"Resident Evil 7" will go back where it all started to a time where players will feel helpless in the face of terrible dangers and overwhelming odds. They will be unprepared and will have nothing to use to deal with a situation that might endanger their lives.

"Resident Evil 7" demo details

"Resident Evil 7" protagonist Ethan wakes up strapped to a chair and awaits his enemies who are the members of the Baker family. They own a plot of land that has a compound of a few buildings and they are in the middle of a swamp. This is where the game takes place and it is the players' job to get out.

There are three family members of the Bakers. Jack is the father and has a big physique that could destroy walls and mysteriously withstand bullets. Marguerite is the mother and somewhat not right in the head as she constantly terrorizes Ethan throughout the game. Lucas is the son and he is psychotic, unpredictable, and can explode at any time.

"Resident Evil 7" at PlayStation Experience 2016

According to the official website of Capcom-Unity, the game company will be attending the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California. Fans will be able to try out the demo of "Resident Evil 7" during the event in fully playable PlayStation VR demo. Producer Maschika Kawata will also be available there for a signing session at the Sony booth.

Check out the "Resident Evil 7" Gameplay Experience video below:

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