‘Kingdoms and Castles’ Announced, Game Details Revealed; Goes To Fig For Funding [VIDEO]


Lion Shield has announced their latest video game, "Kingdoms and Castles" and revealed its details. The studio also went to Fig to get funding for their upcoming video game.

"Kingdoms and Castles" studio's founding and inspiration

In an official Lion Shield press release/docu, which can be downloaded via Dropbox, developers Pete Angstadt and Michael Peddicord founded a new studio. They also announced their first game called "Kingdoms and Castles.

The studio was inspired by building games like "SimCity," "Banished," and other similar games. This video game is a city building one where players will build a simulated medieval city. While doing that, they will have to make strategies to protect their peasants from the outside world.

"Kingdoms and Castles" more details

"Kingdoms and Castles" will start with players creating small villages and will expand from there to make larger cities protected by castles. As time passes in the video game, they will have to make choices about strategic expansions, tax policies, farming, and many more other elements in the game to manage their kingdom. This game will be unique because they will have to do two duties, which are to create a city, and defend it from danger.

"Kingdoms and Castles" threats

In "Kingdoms and Castles," players will be facing several dangers from the outside world. These threats will come in the form of Vikings, plague, dragons, winters, and other harsh challenges that will come to their kingdoms.

"Kingdoms and Castles" dynamic changes

The world of "Kingdoms and Castles" will dynamically change and evolve throughout the game. Players will experience different seasons, the growth and death of forests, cloud movements, and many more that will try to simulate a real environment.

"Kingdoms and Castles" goes to Fig, funding and release date

According to the official website of Fig, "Kingdoms and Castles'" developers went to this website to get their game funded. They have already gotten their goal, which is $15,000 and the current funding is over $29,000 with 492 backers. It will be released in Spring 2017.

Check out the "Kingdoms and Castles" Preview video below:

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