Free DLC Line-Up For ‘Monster Hunter Generations’ This November Revealed [VIDEO]


The free November downloadable content line-up for "Monster Hunter Generations" has been revealed by Capcom and Nintendo. They also said that more free DLCs are coming to the game every month until the beginning of 2017.

"Monster Hunter Generations" free DLC for November

According to the official blog of Capcom, "Monster Hunter Generations" will get several free DLC for November. This pack will contain several popular anime and manga collaborations, new quests, weapons, and many more.

"Monster Hunter Generations" "Yu-Gi-Oh!" DLC

First on the list of free DLCs for "Monster Hunter Generations" is the "Yu-Gi-Oh:" A Beautiful Wyvern quest, which has the objective of slaying a Shagaru Magala. It rewards players the F Dark Meowgic Set.

"Monster Hunter Generations" "Magi" DLC

The next "Monster Hunter Generations" free DLC in the November line-up is a collaboration quest from an anime, which is called Magi: Rescue from the Fall. The objective of the quest is to hunt a Hyper Gore Magala and the rewards are Amol Saiqa and Aladdin's Wand weapons.

"Monster Hunter Generations" "Baki the Grappler" DLC

Another "Monster Hunter Generations" free DLC is the Baki: Biggest vs. Strongest quest. Players need to hunt a Hyper Gammoth, which will reward them the weapons Chivalry, the Baki Combat Jutsu, and the Demon Visage. It will also reward them armors such as Bristling Mane, Ultimate Garb, Ultimate Pleats and the Champion's Set.

Other "Monster Hunter Generations" DLC quests and rewards

The "Monster Hunter Generations" November DLC line-up contains several more quests for players to download. These DLC quests are The Exploding Flame King, DMC: The Seltas Queen's Cry, Capcom: Brilliant Orchestra, Capcom: White and Black, A Golden Moon Rises, Moonlit Tryst, Retreat Run-in and many more. Players will get 19 Guild Card Titles and six guild card backgrounds with this new free DLC line-up. They will also get two new special palicoes, Morgiana and Nekojiro.

More "Monster Hunter Generations" DLC

According to the official website of Nintendo, players should expect more free DLC coming to "Monster Hunter Generations." They should check out announcements on the first Friday of every month until the start of 2017.

Check out the "Monster Hunter Generations" Special Collaborations video below:

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