New ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Revealed At Game Awards By Kojima [VIDEO]


Hideo Kojima reveals a new "Death Stranding" trailer to The Game Awards 2016 audience. Film director Guillermo Del Toro and actor Mads Mikkelsen were featured in the video.

"Death Stranding" creator receives Industry Icon Award

"Death Stranding" creator Kojima recently accepted the 2016 Industry Icon Award after all the hard work he has done and the many video games he created for the industry. He said that he thought he had lost everything, Polygon quoted him saying during The Games Awards 2016. This was due to him leaving Konami after a conflict of interest arose between them.

"Death Stranding" new trailer revealed

After receiving the award and apparently leaving off the stage, Kojima came back with exciting news. He said that there is one more last thing he should unveil, and it was the new trailer for "Death Stranding," which can be viewed below. The audience was delighted for the treat and it showed new content for the mysterious game, which became more mysterious after the showing.

"Death Stranding" new trailer features

The video showed a destroyed city with a dreary look and viewers then get to see a character that looked like Del Toro running towards the sewer entrance and clutching a strange device. The device holds an infant, which seemingly looked the same with the one that people saw in the first "Death Stranding" teaser.

The video showed a tank covered with intestines and other organs and following it were a group of soldiers that looked like skeletons with old rifles. The skies were filled with old fighter planes that had strange tentacles attached to them.

The trailer showed Mikkelson in it with the skeleton soldiers checking all corners for threats. He then gives the signal to move forward as his wires or tentacles retract to his body. The video ends with him smiling towards the camera.

"Death Stranding" Photogrammetry

According to the official website of Kojima Productions, the scan data to be used for "Death Stranding's" 3D data was created through Photogrammetry. This is a technique that is based on photos from all angles and takes in all the details of the subject. The new trailer also used this technique to have the characters have the perfect similarities to the real person.

Check out the "Death Stranding" Teaser Trailer For TGA 2016 video below:

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