‘XCOM 2’ Update On PS4, Xbox One Fixes Issue On Load Times [VIDEO]


"XCOM 2" gets the latest update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which fixes the issue on long load times. It also fixed several other issues on multiplayer and DLC as well.

"XCOM 2" PS4 and Xbox One's loading times issue

According to the official website of Reddit, several "XCOM 2" fans playing on the PS4 and Xbox One were constantly complaining about the long loading times of the game. Some members even recorded the actual time it took to load a battle and going back to the Avenger. Some are even comparing the load times they got with the other members.

"XCOM 2" Update on PS4 and Xbox One long loading times issue is fixed

With the latest "XCOM 2" update released by Firaxis, the extremely long loading times of the PS4 and Xbox One have now improved. According to the official website of the video game, the long loading times happened when ending tactical missions after an extended play.

"XCOM 2" Update adds waypoint functionality, reduced hitches, and more

The latest "XCOM 2" update has added new components and fixed several issues the game was plagued with in the consoles. It added the waypoint functionality, which made it convenient for players this time around. It also reduced the hitches when saving during tactical missions, which was causing problems to players in the past.

The world stats are now displayed at the end to make it convenient for the players to check on their records. The update optimized rendering for retaliation missions, night mission, and aiming view in all missions. The Fog of War and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion was also improved.

"XCOM 2" multiplayer, DLC issues fixed and implementation of My2K

With the latest "XCOM 2" update, the Shieldbearer's Energy Shield will now apply to other Squad units when players activate it in Multiplayer gameplay. The glitch where players were not able to edit characters that have been created with the Anarcy's Children and Resistance Warrior Pack DLC was now fixed. 

Check out the "XCOM 2" Official Inside The Avenger 360 video below:

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