Career Skills You Need To Succeed


Career skills are essential in order to have a long lasting and successful career. However, getting the right career skills are much more important in order to be more effective.

Experts at the Fortune 500 Insiders Network consist of top executives from Fortune 500 companies. These experts share ideas and provide leadership advice that answers the question "How important is it to know where you want to be in 5 years?"

CEO of Assurant, Alan Colberg posted this question on Fortune. How possible is it to know were you will be in five years? Most answers point to going up the ladder or pointing to a specific project achievement.

But how?

1. Never stop learning, keep on improving. - Change is constant within companies. Professionals who are comfortable with change are valued by employers. Try to look at the areas that can be improved on and seek to be educated.

2. Pursue that passion! - People are happier if they are doing something they love. Which is why it is important to focus on things that give positive energy. It can be as easy as helping people. In one's line of work, for example, an individual likes to learn more. By joining in workshops and getting certifications, the person indulges in their passion and at the same time grow in their career.

3. Cultivate personal and professional relationships. - It is as simple as eating with someone for lunch. By engaging with people and networking with similar professionals in the industry, a person can learn more and build his network.

4. Lastly, be a difference maker. - A Fortune expert says that whatever one does in life, make it better than it would be if that person is not involved. Instead of complaining, do something. An example would be a receptionist offering insight to the hiring manager because she was being treated poorly by the candidates. Her feedback is now added to the process.

By finding the answers to these four, professionals may be able to figure out their next step five years from now.

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