Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, Rocket Science And Mars Vision, Catalyst For Change


Elon Musk is making his rounds. Busy with, not only the rocket launches in SpaceX but also his vision for an advanced high speed means of transportation.

When it comes to Elon Musk's visions versus his ability to deliver, he is described to be on point regardless of the failed missions, cites Macleans. He is described as a visionary entrepreneur and while many believe he has his head in the clouds, Musk's is probably on Mars.

His background includes the founding of Tesla Motors. His vision back then was to slowly the world of using fossil fuels. He then launched SpaceX, a private rocket ship company that is looking to create an affordable form of space travel and hopes to make Mars its secondary human home.

But even a great man like Elon Musk has his failures. One of his SpaceX rockets exploded during launch at cape Canaveral and many are slowly reeling back from his visionary charisma. In the same manner, one of the latest Tesla Model S sedans' auto pilot system did not work. The driver suffered a crash accident.

But it seems people are not going to overlook his latest goal. Hyperloop a project that he envisions will change the future of mass public transportation. The publication describes him as having a knack for transforming ideas into something one can hold. Hyperloop is already getting university and student teams to work on a transportation pod that operates on a propulsion system. He is looking at speeds of 1,200 km/h and hopes to cut travel times to half or less.

His Hyperloop dream may be realized by 2030 the most and what is even more ambitious is to send people to Mars via a manned mission.

Elon Musk certainly makes the news when it comes to the future of technology. And although he reportedly has mishaps in some fields and in the entrepreneurial realm, many still believe that he is a catalyst for a better change.

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