Technology Can Close Gap In Education, Here’s How

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Technology has always been a means of human resource. For some, it is a way to make things easier. For others, it is a way to connect people. And there are those who use technology as a negative tool. Such as breaching security and data.

However, regardless of the risks, technology is said to be able to close the gap when it comes to education. Students and the younger generation of this decade are looking at a world with bigger possibilities because of the technology available. But sometimes, it is not even present in situations where it is needed most.

While technology is considered to be a luxury, it may b considered as an essential learning tool in schools. The internet and various connected devices are considerably fundamental, cites Time. But regardless of this, there is still a lack of digital connectivity.

This lack of connectivity is considered to be a barrier in education. And that means, millions of children and students are not given the access they need to a proper education.

Marcelo Claure, the CEO of Sprint, said that he met up with some high school students at Kansas City, Mo. These kids all come from a disadvantaged background. However, these children are described to be intelligent and eager to learn. Claure adds that they have plans for their future and are working hard to make it happen.

Their hard work comes from going to school early at 6:00 AM to use the Wi-Fi to finish her homework. Another student would not be able to pass her assignment on Sunday night because of the lack of internet access at home.

Which is why Claure aims to fix this problem but he needs everybody's help to make it happen. The 1 Million Project is an initiative that aims to provide free devices and wireless connection to 1 million disadvantaged high school students. Students who come from a low-income family can avail of this.

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