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Colin Kaepernick Agrees With Fidel Castro’s Education Initiative


Colin Kaepernick is known for his quarter back skills with the San Francisco 49ers. But he does have something to say when it comes to former Cuban president Fidel Castro, he has something to say.

49ers star Colin Kaepernick feels strongly about making everyone aware about the social injustice people of color are facing. However, he is speaking out about how his recent comments about former president Fidel Castro were interpreted wrongly.

The 49ers athlete wants to clarify about the initiatives he supports, cites Essence. After the news broke out that the Cuban leader Fidel Castro died last weekend, the quarterback went online to praise the works of the Cuban leader. He points out the education system put in place by the former president and the universal health care that was put in place for the people.

Kaepernick points out that Castro aimed to correct the literacy rate of the country. Now, Cuba has the highest literacy rate because of Castro's funding on education. The leader invested more in the country's education system rather than their prison facilities.

With his comments, he also pointed out the flaws of the United States of America. He zones in on the United States' abilities to improve correction facilities and compares it to that of Castro's programs.

After learning of Castro's death, the sportsman clarifies that he did not mean to indicate that he is supporting Castro by large. He mainly wanted to showcase the positive improvements he made while he was president.

Colin Kaepernick hopes that everybody is not going to take his comments out of context. He wants America to see that investing in education can have positive effects, as well as investing in universal health care.

The 29 year old NFL athlete ends his statement by saying that he is not a supporter of oppression. He himself is spreading awareness on social injustice but wanted to use Castro's works as an example for a good change.

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