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Donald Trump: Can He Make American Education Great Again?


President-elect Donald Trump is going to take his seat next year in the Oval Office. But already he is making preparations for his cabinet administration. In his mind, he already has a nominee for Education Secretary - Betsy DeVos.

Donald Trump enlisting Betsy DeVos is not the only factor the president-elect should consider. According to a quote from Alex Newman, an international journalist, "Making American education great will not be an easy task."

For the record, the current education system has been unable to lift 32 million American adults. These adults are unable to read, cites WND. Are these 32 million Americans part of the millions of others who are hoping for a better and greater United States?

Donald Trump's promise to make America great again includes the restoration of the education system. That means Trump has to fix an over-century old system that many consider does not work.

According to Alex Newman and his book "Crimes of Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy American's Children," there are two factors that can help make the American education system great again.

Newman's first suggestion is to create an effective teaching method for children to read. He explains that early education, Common Core, teaches children to memorize words. Memorizing, he adds, is not teaching children to read. He points out that it becomes a permanent disability in kids. Kids should be taught by using systematic and intensive phonics.

His second suggestion is to remove all federal intervention when it comes to education. Newman advises Trump's camp to shut down funding to federal education programs to state and local governments. He points out that things with strings attached can cause problems.

According to the author, shutting down the United States Department of Education makes sense. But his two suggestions, he disclaims, will not fully solve all of America's education problems. However, the two steps he indicated would be a great start.

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