’The Brady Bunch’ Cast: Career After Brady Years


For those who remember "The Brady Bunch," many would say the on-screen family boasts of that hippie vibe with an attitude that is too polite.

However, after "The Brady Bunch" aired, a lot of people began to wonder where they are now. Some celebrities and actors would go on to continue their field or discover a different one. But there are those who took a different direction and laid low.

Here is a run down of "The Brady Bunch" kids and what happened to them after the movie:

1. Marcia Brady, played by Maureen McCormick, played in several other films such as "The Idolmaker" and was Betty Rizzo in "Grease." She has also dipped into music and was able to release several albums. According to WFLA, she battled drug abuse and passed away.

2. Eve Plumb who plays Jan Brady shook off her sweet girl image and dipped into a more adult role in "Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway." She also managed to become a painter and was able to feature her works in galleries. But from time to time she comes back to television. She recently appeared this year in "Grease: Live!"

3. Susan Olsen, known as Cindy Brady, took herself to a different route. She took on a radio talk show and became a radio host. She also became a designer for Converse after studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

4. Greg Brady, also known as Barry Williams, took on a musical career after his time in "The Brady Bunch." He put out an album titled "The Return of Johnny Bravo" and was also a radio host.

5. Christopher Knight who plays Peter Brady was already doing commercials before the Brady's happened. He took an entrepreneurial route and became a businessman. He did resurface in some TV shows.

6. Mike Lookinland is actually blonde. Bobby Brady needed to be brunette. After the show, he enrolled in the University of Utah and worked as a camera technician for 20 years. According to reports, he left the industry.

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