Badass Teachers Association Vs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos? Nominee Already Getting Backlash

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Betsy DeVos' name is starting to get attention. She is, after all, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for the next United States Education Secretary.

Betsy DeVos may be getting negative attention instead of a lot of nods. In Florida, teachers are already planning to protest against Trump's pick.

According to reports, educators and school teachers are not happy with Trump's choice to head the Education system head.It has been reported that a lot from the education sector are going to challenge his choice, cites Sunshine State News. Teachers are saying that Betsy DeVos is totally out of touch with the public school education system and is therefore not fit to run it.

Not everyone agreed that DeVos is the right person to lead a new path for the United States Education System. House Speaker Richard Corcoran's praises towards her are not enough to sway those that do not agree that DeVos fits the job. Corcoran describes her as an intelligent leader in high quality education. For some protestors, she is the opposite. Lily Eskelsen Garcia, who heads the National Education Association which is the largest teacher's union in the country said that DeVos does not know what works best for students, families and educators.

A group of DeVos protestors in St. Petersburg said that she is not the right person to preserve and protect public education. Resaons ranged from facts like she has never attended public school and neither did her children. She has not worked alongside, with or against the public school as well. These school teachers protesting against Trump's choice is apprehensive about DeVos' ideas of school vouchers.

DeVos protestors call themselves the Badass Teachers Association. It comprises 80,000 educators and teachers who are not happy with DeVos' education head appointment. Many fear that if she takes the seat as national head of Education, many will suffer because of her lack of understanding in the public education sphere.

This coming December 1, the Badass Teachers Association is going to take their cause to social media with the hashtag #NotMySOE. While others are organizing official protests.

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