‘Hitman’ November Update Adds Offline Profile, Stability Sweep, Other Improvements [VIDEO]


"Hitman's" November update added the new offline profile, made a stability sweep, and many more other improvements. The next elusive target will be coming soon.

"Hitman" November mandatory update

According to the official website of "Hitman," the November update is a mandatory one for all players and it will include improvements all over the video game. This will be the first of the many planned major game updates that will add new content and improvements to the game. It will also lead up to the physical disc release, which will be on Jan. 31.

"Hitman" November update release date and download size

"Hitman's" latest November update was released worldwide on Nov. 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The download size for the latest update will be 2.4GB on PS4, 13.6GB on Xbox One, and 2.1GB on PC.

"Hitman" November update adds offline profile

The "Hitman" November update added a new feature called an offline profile, which lets players unlock all items earned when connected to the game's servers. They can now use these items freely in Offline Mode and will include all mastery items like weapons, gear, Elusive Target suit rewards, starting/pickup locations, and Challenge Pack unlocks. Ubisoft warns that they need to be connected to the servers to get more new unlocks.

"Hitman" November update stability sweep and silent assassin rating display

According to the official website of Steam, the "Hitman" November update fixed several issues in all different locations in the game that previously made it crash or become unstable at certain times. The scoring screen now displays the Silent Assassin when players complete a mission with that rating.

"Hitman" November update opportunity completion checkmark

With the "Hitman" November update, Ubisoft has added the functionality to put a checkmark on an opportunity when it is successfully completed. This will make it easier for players to track their completion when they try to get achievements or trophies.

"Hitman" next content soon

"Hitman" has added their next content on Nov. 28 and it will last until Dec. 4 for its week 5 November Content Schedule. It is the Elusive Target #15, which is located in Marrakesh and will feature 10 contracts.

Check out the "Hitman" Elusive Target #14 The Chef video below:

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