‘Skyrim’ Special Edition Receives Update 1.3 On Steam Beta To Fix Slow Motion Issues [VIDEO]


"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Special Edition gets update 1.3 on Steam Beta to fix slow motion issues. The remastered video game might be coming to Nintendo Switch.

"Skyrim" Special Edition previous update caused problems

"Skyrim" Special Edition recently got update 1.2 that addressed several issues and bugs that made the game crash or get errors. Unfortunately, the update caused several more problems on its own, and one of it was something to do with its slow motion mechanics. It did not properly trigger or function the way they were supposed to do.

The slow motion bug was not noticeable for players who were not actively using the perks that will start the ability. The ones who usually use the perk complained of the extended slow motion movement. Those who use a perk like Quick Reflexes would slow down time instead, which renders it useless.

"Skyrim" Special Edition update 1.3 for Steam Beta

According to the official website of Steam, Bethesda has released "Skyrim" Special Edition 1.3 for Steam Beta to fix the Slow Time effects. It is currently being tested and once it is stable, it will be released for the PC and the consoles. It added general stability, performance improvements, and better support for 144 Hz displays.

How to access "Skyrim" Special Edition Steam Beta

To access "Skyrim" Special Edition's Stema Beta, players only need to log into Steam, right click on the video game in their libraries, select properties, and then select Betas. They will see a drop down menu, which they have to select the Beta option and then select OK. After a few minutes of updates, the Beta version of the game will appear in their libraries.

"Skyrim" Special Edition might be coming to Nintendo Switch

Bethesda's Todd Howard told Glixel in an exclusive interview that players can bring "Skyrim" with them on the go. He teased that it was the same video game on the TV and on the other screen, which somewhat confirmed that it will be coming to the upcoming Nintendo console system hybrid.

Check out the "Skyrim" Special Edition Launch Trailer video below:

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