Career 101: How To Know When To Quit Your Goals


There is a lot of negativity associated with quitting. It has become shameful to quit and that's why some people persevere at all costs even if it costs them too much.

According to Inc., mentally strong people know that quitting does not make an individual a loser. Oftentimes, the refusal to quit only stems from wanting to be perceived as tough instead of mental strength.

In fact, it actually takes more mental strength to know when to walk away from a goal. The publication shared five times when mentally strong people allowed themselves to quit.

Once their priorities shift and goals change

Mentally strong people continually strive to improve themselves. This means that their priorities often shift toward better and bigger goals. They outgrow and abandon old goals while moving on to new ones that challenge them.

Once the process does not match with their values

Mentally strong people know that living according to their values is the key to success. So, if a goal requires them to forsake their values, they refuse to continue with it. You don't actually need to prove anything to others if it means disregarding your values.

Once the reward does not justify their efforts

Mentally strong people assess whether the reward is worth the effort that they invest in a certain goal. Don't be ashamed to give up when it does not seem to justify the time and energy you have put into it.

Once they realize that things are not going well

Mentally strong people are able to acknowledge when their goals are no longer profitable or viable. Be ready to walk away when things are already far from salvation before it actually gets worse. Know when to cut your losses.

Once the cost offsets the benefits

Mentally strong people take note of the risks that they should take before reaching their goals. They are also more willing to walk away when the said costs outweighs the benefits.

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