5 Essential Things That Students And Fresh Grads Need To Do To Land Their Dream Job


Landing one's dream job as a fresh graduate is not easy. There are things that one needs to practice in order to prepare for one's career goals.

Entrepreneur reported that it's no longer enough to have an "impressive-sounding degree" or come from a "swanky college" to land your dream job. Moreover, while high grades can be an advantage, it's only a part of what recruiters are looking for.

44 percent of millennials are said to be underemployed. The publication shared tips on how you can make yourself stand out from the many applications that recruiters receive.

Develop your professional online presence

LinkedIn is a very good place to start creating and cultivating a professional online presence. A lot of recruiters and hiring managers use this social network to find candidates.

Document your professional achievements and experience on LinkedIn. Include part-time and menial jobs if you've had any to demonstrate that you are responsible.

Make connections and associations

Networking is inevitable. Social media, when used to its maximum potential, is the best tool for professional engagement.

It was previously reported that reaching out to your network can help you get ahead in your career. There are different ways that your contacts and acquaintances can help you in your job hunt.

Get an internship

Applying for an internship with your dream company as early as college can greatly improve the chances that you'll be hired by that organization. This is a good opportunity to get your foot in the door and start your baby steps to reaching your career goals.

Look for a good mentor

While you may look up to your parents and teachers as mentors, it's always good to widen your circle of influence. Look for experts and professionals who are already working your dream job or are in the same industry.

Enroll in specialization courses

Oftentimes, it is not enough to have a degree for your chosen career path. There are things that cannot be taught in school. This is why taking specialization courses can help you be better prepared for the demands of your future workplace.

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