Where The 'First Kids' Of America Went To College


Malia Obama will be going to Harvard University next fall. She raised the eyebrows of some for deciding to take a gap year after high school before starting her college career.

There's definitely nothing wrong with taking a gap year. It is, after all, your own decision to make. You can use this time to pursue passion projects, find yourself or even finish your bucket list.

Malia's decision became a big issue because she was the child of a president. She had the power to influence many seniors just like her.

Business Insider shared a list of where former "first kids" went to college. President-elect Donald Trump's older children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Tiffany graduated from University of Pennsylvania, where the real estate magnate also completed his higher education. Eric Trump, on the other hand, graduated from Georgetown University.

Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, the oldest daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson, went to the University of Texas at Austin. She graduated in 1966.

Lynda's sister, Luci Baines Johnson, attended Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies. She was forced to drop out in 1966 after getting married since the school prohibited married students then.

Tricia Nixon Cox attended Boston College where she earned her degree in English. She is the oldest daughter of President Richard Nixon, who served as guest speaker during her graduation.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower is the youngest Nixon daughter. She went to Smith College and earned her master's degree in education from The Catholic University of America in 1972.

Caroline Kennedy, the oldest child of President Kennedy, went to Radcliffe College at Harvard University. She earned her law degree from Columbia Law School in 1988.

Her brother, John F. Kennedy, attended Brown University as a history major. In 1989, he graduated with a law degree from NYU School of Law.

Chelsea Clinton graduated with highest honors for her history degree from Stanford University. Afterwards, she attended University College of the University of Oxford. She graduated there with a master of philosophy in 2003.

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