Job Hunt 101: Top Reasons Why There's No Feedback After The Final Interview


In order to land one's dream job, fresh graduates have to go through the grueling process of interviews and exams. Let's say you have finally finished the initial interview, technical tests and final interview. Why haven't you heard back from the hiring manager?

According to The Daily Muse, candidates go through three different realities during the interview process. First, it's possible that you get the job offer. Second possible scenario is that you don't get the offer.

The third situation, and probably the most frustrating, is when you just wait for feedback from the company. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

The publication shared five possible reasons on why some candidates don't get feedback after the final interview. These are the things that may be happening behind-the-scenes.

1. Interviews continue.

It is possible that the recruiters are still continuing the interviews for the position and are waiting to finish everything before making a decision. There are about 200 to 250 applicants for every job posted, making interviews take up a long time.

2. Feedback is still being collected.

Interviewers usually take the time to sit down and discuss their feedback on candidates. The process could be done through emails or with questionnaires that asks hiring managers to assess a candidate's competencies.

3. Recruiters have other urgent things to attend to.

While recruiters are mainly hired to stay on top of the hiring process, they still have other things that they need to juggle. Your application is important for them but they may get delayed by other pressing issues and urgent requests from their bosses.

4. No decision yet.

When interviewers say that there has not been a decision yet, take their word for it. The entire hiring process is costly. That is why companies usually take some time to think about who they will allow to join their organization.

5. The job is not for you.

Unfortunately, it may also be good to face the fact that the job may not be for us. It is incredibly frustrating, especially after you've spent time, energy and money for the interviews and tests. Remember to use this time to reflect on what went wrong and use that information to do better next time.

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