Nintendo Switch Release Date, Features, Specs and Price: What’s this Console’s ‘Secret Feature’ that it Got from Nintendo Wii? [VIDEO]


Months before its launching, features of Nintendo Switch has started appearing on the internet including this one secret feature of the game console that is reportedly from Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Switch price has also been revealed. Read more details here!

Nintendo Switch "Secret Feature"

Fans of the popular Japanese-made gaming console Nintendo Switch are eager to experience the new kind of gaming experience the new console has to offer. Aside from the rumored features and specs, Nintendo Switch is also said to have a "secret feature" that will make the console more than just a handheld one, according to Express UK.

According to the comments of GameStop CEO Paul Raines, this "secret feature" has something to do with the motion controls of Nintendo Switch which makes it "a very interesting device." As added by Raines, he foresees the Nintendo Switch to be a huge success due to its movement-related games, which the gameplay requires the kids or other adult players to take hold on Joy-con controllers as well as the master controller.

Raines also called Nintendo Switch as a potential game changer due to its hybrid characteristics that brings back the joy from the old days where joysticks elicit happiness among players. He assures that the players are likely to spend their hard-earned money just to own a Nintendo Switch.

On the other hand, rumors suggest that the "secret feature" will be similar to the feature found in Nintendo Wii. For this reason, others speculate that the feature will be related to backwards compatibility.

Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price

Nintendo Switch is set to be launched in March 2017. When it comes to Switch's price, the new console is said to cost around US$249.99, Rs 17,000 in India and 199.99 pounds in UK, according to Gadgets NDTV

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