Google, Blizzard to Launch Skillful Robot Players to Beat Humans in a ‘Starcraft II’ Match in 2017 [VIDEO]


Google's DeepMind and Blizzard is planning to embark a partnership to create artificial intelligence that plays "Starcraft II." Will this creation leads to a match between humans and robots in 2017? Read more details here!

Google DeepMind and Blizzard Partnership

It can be recalled that Google DeepMind AI team AlphaGo has won against the world-class Go player Lee Sedol in March this year in 4-1 match. For this reason, Google and "Blizzard has recently sealed their partnership in the conduct of a research on artificial intelligence that plays "Starcraft II" according to Engadget.

During the BlizzCon event, Blizzard announced that they will be partnering with the search engine giant for a research on API platform that will be released in 2017. Through this platform, hobbyist and researchers across the globe will have the opportunity to build and train their own AI agents in playing "Starcraft II" as they become better AI player coaches.

Furthermore, through this platform, Blizzard and Google's DeepMind is looking forward to host an event where AI players and humans will go for a "Starcraft II" match and eventually declare a group as a BlizzCon champion.

Blizzard "Starcraft II" is Not Just a Game

Many are curious as to why Google's DeepMind has chosen Blizzard "Starcraft II" for the AI research. According to Ars Technica, Google has seen the game as a very complex one most especially when it comes to its algorithms which imposing a bigger challenge that they are willing to take.

This links to the fact that in "Starcraft II," information needed by the players in order to succeed are initially hidden from them while they are required to scout terrain, manage resources and building units to analyze the position of their opponents. Because the players have no idea as to where their enemies are hiding, the game compels them to think of a strategy on how they would approach their opponents.  

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