‘Harry Potter GO’ Release Date, News & Updates: Niantic Reveals Names of Dangerous Creatures; Heading for 2017 Release Date? [RUMORS]


The long wait might be over for the certified Potter Heads worldwide as Niantic is rumored to be on the last stage of developing "Harry Potter GO." When exactly in 2017 will Niantic launch the most anticipated augmented reality game? Read more details here!

"Harry Potter GO" News & Updates

The global success of "Pokemon GO" has awakened the interests of Potter Heads to have their own version through "Harry Potter GO." Though this is likely to happen, according to Telegraph, it will not going to happen anytime soon.

The hype over "Harry Potter GO" began when Niantic was rumored to grant the wishes of 40,000 "Harry Potter" fans who signed the petition called "Accio Harry Potter GO: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon GO," wherein Niantic has allegedly acquired the rights for the app and has already started the development of the game having witchcraft and wizardry schools equivalent to PokeStops in "Pokemon GO."

The fans have become more excited when creatures started to make an appearance online through the website Harry Potter Fan Zone. The site has posted names of creatures or monsters categorized into five which accordingly rated as dangerous by the Regulation and Control for Magical Creatures Department.

The following are the names of alleged "Harry Potter GO" dangerous creatures: Acromantula, Augurey, Basilisk, Billywig, Bowtruckle, Bundimun, Centaur, Chimaera, Chizpurfle, Clabbert, Crup, Diricawl, Doxy, Dragon, Antipodean Opaleye, Chinese Fireball, Common Welsh Green, Hebridean Black, Norweigan Ridgeback, Peruvian Vipertooth, Romanian Longhorn, Swedish Short-Snout, Ukrainian Ironbelly, Dugbog, Erumpet, Demiguise, Erkling, Fairy, Firecrab, Flobberworm, Fwooper, Glumbumble, Gnome, Graphorn, Griffin, Grindylow, Ghoul, Hippocamus, Hippogriff, Horklump, Imp, Jarvey, Jobberknoll, Kappa, Kelpie, Kneazle, Leprichaun, Lethifold, Loballug, Mackled Malaclaw, Manticore, Merpeople, Moke, MoonCalf,  Murtlap, Niffler, Nogtail, Nundu, Occamy, Phoenix, Pixie, Plimpy, Pogrebin, Porlock, Puffskein, Quintaped, Ramora, Red Cap, Re'em, Runespoor, Salamander, Sea Serpent, Shrake, Snidget, Sphinx, Streeler, Tebo, Troll, Unicorn, Werewolf, Winged Horse and Yeti. 

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