'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Gameplay Trailer Releasing Next Month! BioWare Won't Be Brining Back Familiar Alien Races? [VIDEO]


Fans and gamers alike are on the look out for the latest gameplay trailer that will be released next month regarding BioWare's highly-anticipated sci-fi video game "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Moreover, it seems that BioWare might not feature some of the familiar alien races, which were featured in the previous trilogy, in its upcoming installment.

It was recently reported that BioWare has decided to unveil a new gameplay trailer during the upcoming The Game Awards 2016, which will be held on the first day of December, Gamerant has learned.

It was stated therein that the developers took note of the fact that fans weren't able to witness the game in action, albeit the gameplay trailer released during BioWare's N7 day was suffice enough to feature the game's story.

The developers went on to tweet, via their Twitter account, announcing to fans that they will be able to take a glimpse at a "Mass Effect: Andromeda" gameplay trailer this Dec. 1 at The Games Awards 2016.

It was also mentioned by the source that The Game Awards will be focusing more on gameplay rather than pre-rendered trailers, a topic which was previously covered. As such, it was said that it would be exciting for fans to know that the gameplay trailer that they will be seeing in December could be an accurate representation of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" as a finished product.

It was also mentioned by the source that fans can already expect in the coming gameplay trailer the return of biotic powers and the freedom given to players to use such powers. This is due to the fact that BioWare has made "Mass Effect: Andromeda" without a class system and is, instead, giving its players the option of a progression tree that they can pursue.

In other news, it was also reported that not all the familiar races (as seen in the previous trilogy) will be featured in the latest installment, Rock Paper Shotgun learned. The creative director behind the game stated that, for obvious reason, not all of the alien races will be shown in the upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" game.

However, he did further state that his team have designed the game's IP in a particular way that it would be possible for all of them to appear.

As such, it seems that fans will have to wait and see to know what's really in store for them in the upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" released in March 2017.

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