'Mass Effect: Andromeda' News & Update: New Trailer Revealed During N7 Day! Game's Story Detailed [VIDEO]


It was a moment to remember for fans of the hit franchise, "Mass Effect," as Bioware unveiled a cinematic trailer to their latest installment, "Mass Effect: Andromeda." As such, more news and updates regarding the story and plot of the game has been revealed to fans, according to sources.

Fans of the critically-acclaimed sci-fi third-person shooter game, "Mass Effect: Andromeda," had a lot to talk about as Bioware unveiled a cinematic trailer of the game during the celebration of its N7 Day, Gamespot reported.

N7 Day is the first annual celebration of Bioware to commemorate the five-year success of its franchise, "Mass Effect." As such, the game's official website lists in detail some online fun to its fans, which includes the release of "Andromeda's" trailer.

It was reported that a lot was revealed about the game, which gave fans a look at both the protagonist and antagonist of the latest installment, Gamespot learned. On top of that, it was unveiled to Bioware's fans that loyalty missions will also be returning to "Mass Effect: Andromeda" exactly when the game is set in the franchise's timeline.

Detailes of the game's plot and story were also unveiled to fans where it was learned that the title of "Andromeda" steemed from the Andromeda Initiative, established around the timeline of the second "Mass Effect" game, IGN reported.

It was recounted further that the goal was to find a new settlement by exploring in four "arks," each transporting a different alien race, IGN noted. These arks were said to be headed to the Andromeda Galaxy, in an effort to study the Heleus cluster and the potential locations for them to inhabit on.

The source goes on to explain that gamers will get to choose to play as either the son (Scott Ryder) or daughter (Sara Ryder) of the human ark's leader. Despite the fact that game is focused an entirely new ensemble of protagonists, Creative Director stated that the game will not kick-off a new trilogy but will resolve on its own, IGN reported.

As fans enjoy the culmination of Bioware's N7 Day, many of them become more eager to see the release of "Mass Effect: Andromeda."

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