NES Classic Edition Controller Short Cord Length Explained; Much Shorter Than Original [VIDEO]


The probable reason why the NES Classic Edition controller cord length is short has been revealed. A comparison was made between the current controller and the original one, which revealed outstanding results.

NES Classic Edition controller complaints

According to the official website of Reddit, when the NES Classic Edition was released, many classic gamers, and fans were overjoyed with the news, but some complained when they got it. They complained that the cord for the controller was just too short.

NES Classic Edition controller short cord explanation

A Reddit member explained why the NES Classic Edition controller cord was short in the first place. The controller has the same communication protocol as the Wiimote. He said both of the controllers use the I2C, which meant that it will have limitations with speed and length.

Nintendo would have changed the controllers just for the NES Classic Edition if they had used another communication protocol, which would have been not convenient for them. The controllers would have not been compatible with the Wii U or the Wii for that matter too.

The member clarified that Nintendo did not make thicker cables because it would have been more expensive and less practical. Extension cables would not have worked either because it would push the limit of the protocol. It would result in some communication errors, but players will not notice them while playing at first.

NES Classic Edition controller cord compared to original version

According to Polygon, a comparison was made between the NES Classic Edition controller cord and the original version. One of the key differences of the two is that the new version is a lot smaller than the original one in size. It was also noted that the cord on the new version is five feet shorter compared to the original, which is a lot shorter this time around.

Check out the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic System Features Trailer video below:

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