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Donald Trump’s Education Secretary Pick is Betsy DeVos, School Voucher Advocate


This Week, President Elect Donald Trump has made it known that he is choosing Besy DeVos as his Education Secretary when he takes his seat in the oval office. Although the choice is not final yet, he still stands by his nomination.

Betsy DeVos is an alumni and graduate of Calvin College. Calvin College is a Christian Reformed Church school that is named after John Calvin. Calvin was a Protestant reformer.

President Elect Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos because of her close ties with the Christian Reformed assemblage in Michigan, cites the Washington Post. DeVos is a well known name not only in politics around Michigan but also because of her championing for private school voucher programs.

DeVos' position regarding school vouchers stem from her own Christian faith. When her children started going to school she saw parents of kids from the Potter's House Christian School, Grand Rapids doing everything they can to make sure their kids are in a safe environment for learning. This in turn pushed DeVos to support students and grew into something bigger.

Her push for such programs raised eyebrows among the public education community members. But she is also recognized by the religious community for her philanthropic and charitable work in Christian faith.

According to the publication, it looks like Trump is drawing authorities from a business-minded group of people. Doug Koopman, a political scientist at Calvin College, said that she uses education as a tool for the common good. Koopman describes her as an individual, that if chosen as Education Secretary, that would focus on the larger issues.

On record, DeVos and her family was not a supporter of Trump and his campaign. They heavily supported Clinton with her family donating close to $25,000.

While Trump is still making his list, it is not yet known if DeVos will be the right fit alongside Trump's other cabinet nominations.

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