'The Last Guardian' News & Update: Fumito Ueda Discusses Details Of Game; Prequel to “Shadow Of The Colossus”? [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers alike have been waiting for the release of the highly-anticipated action-adventure game "The Last Guardian" by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4-exclusive title has recently garnered a lot of attention and Fumito Ueda discusses a few things about the distinct details surrounding the game.

In a recent interview with the creator of "The Last Guardian," Fumito Ueda (who is also known for his past works on "Ico" and "The Shadow of the Colossus"), he discussed how much of a relief it is that the game is finally getting released, PlayStation Blog reported.

Ueda even went on to admit in the interview that there was a certain point where he thought the game might not ever be released. This could be attributed to the fact that it was a painstaking process that took a long arduous development cycle for the game to be released, University Herald has learned.

In elaborating the minute details that went into developing the game, Ueda told PlayStation Blog that a lot of calculations and measurements were taken into consideration in processing the movements of Trico (the giant-sized pet in the game).

He went on to state that most of the level designs were already completed before they even finished working on Trico. As such, trying to complete the work on Trico's movement to fit into an already-made environment posed some difficulty on their end.

Moreover, Ueda explained that their development team underwent an extensive research to make Trico's movement as natural as possible. They even went on to utilize procedural animation in order for them to take full control of its movement through a program they've developed.

As to Fumito Ueda's "The Last Guardian" having a connection with his previous works, such as "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus," the acclaimed game creator stated in a separate interview that they might all be in the same world or universe, Forbes reported. Ultimately, he said, it is all up to the imagination of the fans.

As such, Forbes went on to suggest that "Ico" was more of a sequel to the narrative of "Shadow of the Colossus." If the premise was accurate, the source suggested that "The Last Guardian" could actually be the prequel to "Shadow of the Colossus" that would result in the creation of Dormin.

With the "the Last Guardian" getting released this Dec. 6, fans can definitely expect a fantastic game like no other.

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