'The Last Guardian' News & Update: 'Discover The Legend' Trailer Released!; Ueda Explains Development [VIDEO]

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Fans and avid gamers alike have been waiting for the release of the highly-anticipated action-adventure game "The Last Guardian" by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4-exclusive title has recently released another trailer. Moreover, Fumito Ueda discusses a few things about the long development cycle of the game.

It was recently reported that a new trailer was just released for the upcoming "The Last Guardian" for the PlayStation 4, Forbes reported. The trailer was said to have given relief to fans who may have had some doubts regarding the game's release.

It was first noted by the same publication that the development of the game, which took nearly a decade, could have posed as an obstacle to the game's release. It stated that overly-extended delays in development might be an issue if not managed accordingly.

However, it seems that the new trailer might be a good indicator that the game is at par with most of the fans' expectations. The source noted that despite the development of the game facing some bumps and difficulty in its process, the trailer has proven what they've been hoping for in the game.

In a recent interview conducted by Gamespot, Fumito Ueda explains the process during the development of "The Last Guardian" and the choices they've had to make in order for the game to come to fruition.

Fumito Ueda explained that the process of building the game's universe involved some backward engineering, the same publication has learned. The game designer said that the design and mechanics doesn't come first but rather they build on top of it. He stated further that it is the sum of all the parts.

When asked about partnerships playing a critical role in the career and game development of Ueda, he went on to explain that his experience from being in the arts and film has translated over to his career in games. He further stated that the partnership that he can have with his main character and an AI character is something you won't find outside of game nor in films and arts.

As the game gets released this Dec. 6, more and more fans are getting excited for this timeless game to come out.

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