'Final Fantasy XV' News: Latest 1080p PS4 Videos, Screenshots Revealed Prior Release; Will It Be Available On PC? [VIDEO]


After a decade since the latest installment to the "Final Fantasy" franchise has entered its development cycle, fans can't wait as the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" hits its release date this November. As such, recent videos and screenshots were dished out in the web showcasing the game in the PS4. Moreover, there's still some chatter going on as to whether the game will be available to PC as well, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the release date for the highly-anticipated "Final Fantasy XV" was pushed back from Sept. 30 to Nov. 29, Gamesradar learned. This was all done for a good reason as Gamesradar took note of director Hajime Tabata statements that the extra months were meant to polish the game and avoid fans from having to download a day-one bug-fix patch. This could also benefit those who don't have an immediate access to the internet as it allows them to play the game without being disappointed at first impression.

This may all be the case as it was recently unveiled to fans several screenshots and videos of game-footage that showcased "Final Fantasy XV" in the PS4. It was mentioned that these media-assets were published by 4Gamer, a Japanese-based website, DualShockers reported.

It was listed further by DualShockers that fans will be able to get a glimpse of an infiltration to a Niflheim base, a battle against Titan, an array of skins for the Regalia, a sphere grid, and Prompto's pictures. The latter was in relation to Prompto getting a battle command (Snapshot) that allowed him to capture images without affecting the game nor the battle to be specific, Dualshockers noted.

As news and updates confirm the release date of "Final Fantasy XV" to both the PS4 and Xbox One, there are still some murmurs about the latest installment being considered to be released in PC, Gamerant stated. The source took note of Tabata's statement in an interview with Dengeki Online that if there ever was a consideration for a PC-version of the game, it would only be released after the console versions were launched.

Time could only tell if there's more in store for Square Enix' "Final Fantasy" fans but one thing is for sure-- "Final Fantasy XV" is coming out this November!

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