'The Last Of Us' Remastered Gives 30/60FPS Options On PS4 Pro; Sequel Set For A 2018 Release Date?


Fans and hardcore gamers alike are well familiar with the endless desire to attain the best frames per second (fps) that games can reach with regard to the gaming platform they are on. As such, fans will be delighted to hear of the recent announcements regarding the "The Last of Us" remastered version on the PS4 Pro. Moreover, rumors have circulated on whether a sequel is on its way for a 2018 release date.

It was previously reported that the highly-acclaimed action-adventure horror video game, "The Last of Us," received a remastered iteration for the PS4 Pro, which was said to support HDR for those gaming on 4K resolution displays, University Herald reported.

Recently, the iconic game developer, Naughty Dog (who is also known for its other titular games like the "Crash Bandicoot" series and "Uncharted" franchise), has announced that the improvements made for the PS4 Pro would allow fans to choose from an array of display options, PlayStation Lifestyle has learned.

Naughty Dog released a statement, which was covered by PlayStation Lifestyle, that "Uncharted 4" fans gaming on 4K displays can now experience the game at 1440p resolution, upscaled from 1080p on PS4. As for the game's Multiplayer, it was also announced that resolution was increased to a full 1080p on PS4 Pro, while maintaing the fluidity of the game's high-framerate.

As for "The Last of Us" Remastered versopm, players can now have the option to play the game in its intial 30fps at a 2160p resolution, or at bumped up 60fps at 1800p resolution, PlayStation Lifestyle noted.

With release of "The Last of Us" Remastered iteration and the HDR support on the PS4 Pro, fans have also been speculating on the sequel's slated for a supposed 2018 release date, Gamerant reported. After the release of "Uncharted 4" the source speculated that the creators behind "The Last of Us" are now gearing towards the development of the sequel.

Whether the rumor is true or not, one thing is for sure-- fans are definitely happy with the improvements made for the original "The Last of Us" game.

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