Samsung Galaxy S7 Safe To Use, Says Samsung; S7 Edge Now Available On 4 Major US Carriers For $33 Upfront Payment


Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones have seemed to catch the attention of the public given some reports claiming the same issues experienced by the Galaxy Note 7. Amidst all these, the South Korean company  has issued a statement saying that the mobile device is safe to use.

An official statement regarding the safety of Samsung Galaxy S7 was released, in an effort to erase some fears regarding the smartphone's battery. Given the previous incidents of battery explosion involving the Galaxy S7 Edge, the tech giant has reportedly acknowledged the incidents. However, the company also revealed not having found yet any internal battery failure on the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 was involved in a controversy when the smartphone was reported to burst into flames while not being used. The said incident left the owner with a second and third degree burns, prompting a lawsuit against the Korean company.

Due to all the reported cases of internal battery failures, some believe that the users have become more cautious when using any Samsung device. In fact, the users are expected to be more alert whenever there are news involving a Samsung device and faulty battery, prompting the tech giant to assure the users regarding the safety of both Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Digital Trends reported.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model has recently been unveiled in the US. According to reports, four major network carriers T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have begun selling the new phone for $792, including a two-year contract for $33 upfront payment.  

In terms of design, the smartphone comes in a deep blue cover on the back and front, while the edge is featured in a metallic frame with a premium gold finish that result in a stunning combination of dual-toned color. As for the specs, the chief specifications include the CPU, the screen resolution, RAM, internal storage and the battery capacity which is the same as the original mode, Forbes reported.

Watch Samsung Galaxy S7 & Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (WARNING Battery Fault)

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