Windows Phone 2017: HP To Bring Much More Than Elite X3, Windows 10? Workstation HP Z2 Mini G3 For $699 In December


Windows 2017 is rumored to be another HP product after the company rolled out with the Windows 10-powered Elite X3 at the MWC in February this year. Microsoft is believed to assist the company financially as well as with technological advancements. HP is reportedly set on developing and selling a new device that will focus on the target customers.

HP previously launched the Elite X3 with a Windows 10 Continuum feature aimed at enterprise customers. The device reportedly got a mild response from the market. However, HP is reportedly set on launching a new Windows Phone 2017.

The California-based company is said to have teamed up with Microsoft for a more customer-focused Windows Phone 2017. The device is rumored to be launched in February 2017, Gadgets NDTV reported. Furthermore, HP is reportedly tasked to develop and sell the handset while Microsoft will assist financially.

Microsoft is further expected to provide the Windows Phone 2017 the same technology it used with the Lumia smartphones. HP is expected to come up with a smartphone featuring ClearBlack display, Glance, double tap to wake and an advanced camera functionality. Moreover, the handset has reportedly been revealed in Redmond with an official release next year.

Meanwhile, as HP simultaneously crafts the Windows Phone 2017, the company also announced the HP Z2 Mini G3. The device is said to be a miniature professional workstation equipped with Xeon and Quadro. HP also reportedly capitalized on the SFF PC trend--systems which are reportedly faster than most outdated desktops with a subtle and discreet design. Additionally, the device may cost $699 in December 2016, Anandtech reported.

Windows Phone 2017 is expected to cost a tad pricier than its predecessor. Note that the HP Elite X3 costs $699 in the market similar to the HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation. The company is also offering the Elite X3 with a Desk Dock for $799. Watch the HP Z2 Mini G3 Design here:

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