'Battlefield 1' PC, PS4 Pro Versions Offer Downgraded Graphics? New Battlefest Commenced, What Players Need To Know?


"Battlefield 1" players have reportedly been experiencing a downgrade in terms of the game's graphics. Based on reports, the issue seems to have appeared following the release of the new patch, where degradation and differences in the visual quality of the game on the PC were noticed.

According to the game forum, the "Battlefield 1" players noted the lack of tessellation, the absence of anisotropic filtering or textures, foliage, including the degraded texture quality among others. In fact, the issues appear to be experienced as well by some PS4 and PS4 Pro players, where the game seemed to have decreased in the visuals after receiving the new patch for.

That being said, "Battlefield 1" developer DICE are now reported to be looking into the issues. In a Twitter post, DICE's Nils Hallberg stated that the problems were not expected, and that the company is now investigating the reason behind the decline in the game's graphical quality, Gaming Bolt reported.

"Battlefield 1," meanwhile, is hosting another season of the Battlefest, which started on Nov. 16 and will run until Nov. 27 for the Battlefield community. Reports indicate that the players playing within those periods can join in different events, activities, in-game activations, missions and giveaways. Given that, the players are required to know the things needed to do as well as the best way to do it in order to enjoy the limited time event.

"Battlefield 1" players, especially the beginners, should log in at least once within the mentioned dates to get a special dog tag day following the events. For players signing up to  the game's newsletter, they will get a unique kind of a dog tag, while another dog tag could be received from the Battlefield Game Changers or the Influencers. The three tags are said to be worth having, IGN reported.

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