'GTA 5' Online Gets Biker DLC Lets You Earn Money, New Rides With Kill Quota Adversary Mode; Single Player Expansion Pack Unlikely?


"GTA 5 Online" fans are expected to receive the last part of the Biker DLC this week. Aside from that, latest reports indicate that Rockstar Games could reveal more surprises soon.

The "GTA 5 Online Biker" DLC is the latest addition to the popular multiplayer mode that offers  new ways to earn money and new rides as well. While  the last part of the content seems to be coming next week, rumors suggest that a second Biker DLC might also be in the works. With the release of the Youga Classic on Nov. 22, a lot of fans are curious about the next content that will be provided by the Rockstar Games.

A follow up to "GTA 5 Biker" DLC  has reportedly been discovered by dataminers to come in December that will feature the usual holiday gear and the content hinted by the game developer. However, there is still no official confirmation yet from Rockstar Games. Nevertheless, the rumored follow-up is expected to include a new car selling feature that has also been discovered by dataminers, but has not been included yet in the game.

"GTA 5 Biker" DLC second part is also rumored to introduce the Kill Quota Adversary Mode, although there are also speculations suggesting that Rockstar Games may be launching it later in the launch cycle. Meantime, some rumors claim that the game developer is planning to continue supporting the game in Spring 2017, while other reports indicate that a major announcement is also being planned, Express reported.

Meanwhile, "GTA 5" fans have reportedly been waiting for Rockstar to release a single player DLC for the game. Instead, the game developer continued to work on "GTA Online," which appears to show that the single player DLC is unlikely to happen. With reports about the "Red Dead Redemption 2" featuring the Red Dead Online mode, fans are starting to believe that the game developer may indeed be done with the "GTA 5" single player content, Gaming Bolt reported.

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