Different Problems With ‘Devil’s Third’ Discussed: Tomonobu Itagaki [VIDEO]


Valhalla Game Studios leader Tomonobu Itagaki discusses the ups and downs of "Devil's Third" when it was in development. The multiplayer service of the video game will be discontinued.

"Devil's Third" originally a Microsoft exclusive

In an exclusive interview with Polygon, Itagaki told that "Devil's Third" was originally supposed to be a Microsoft exclusive, but they are more interested with Kinect at that time. He revealed that they had a great relationship with everyone at the game company and said that they were the ones who helped them when their studio was in need.

"Devil's Third" got help from Microsoft for new publisher

Microsoft was the one who helped Itagaki and his team to find a new publisher. He also revealed that another factor for the game company to help them was that he had a strong voice in the industry. He jokingly said that they probably felt that he might say something against them if they did not help them.

"Devil's Third" got help from THQ

Itagaki said that it was with the help of Danny Bilson of THQ that they got through with the production of "Devil's Third." He even revealed that the first time they met with Bilson, they were arguing for three hours, but when he played the game, he was interested right away. Itagaki worked with Bilson until the very end of THQ's closure, and even after that, which is why the THQ leader's name is at the very beginning of the staff credits of the game.

"Devil's Third" working with Doobic had an unfortunate turn

Itagaki revealed that they were working with the South Korean game publisher Doobic, but it went out of business unfortunately. They kept their IP, which meant they still own "Devil's Third" property, and this is the reason why they were able to release the game with Nintendo and recently on PC.

How "Devil's Third" got picked up by Nintendo

When THQ went bankrupt, Kanematsu approached Satoru Iwata at Nintendo, which in turn decided to take their team under wing, Itagaki revealed. The reason why they picked up "Devi's Third" was due to the reason that they do not have enough online games.

"Devil's Third" multiplayer feature to be shut down

According to the official website of Nintendo, they will be discontinuing the online multiplayer service for the "Devil's Third" for the Wii U Console. They will end the service on Dec. 28, which means they will no longer sell Golden Eggs. The price for the downloadable version will be reduced from $59.99 to $29.99 on Nintendo eShop.

Check out the "Devil's Third" Trailer video below:

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