Production Schedule for ‘Star Citizen’ Will Be Made Public: Chris Roberts [VIDEO]


The Cloud Imperium Games founder confirmed that the production schedule for "Star Citizen" will be made public. The anniversary livestream was launched a few days ago, which celebrated the last day of the video game's crowd funding campaign.

"Star Citizen" production schedule explained

Founder Chris Roberts wrote on the official website of "Star Citizen" that they will be making their production schedule public. The game dev company wanted to make sure that everyone knows what they will get when the project is finished and once the retail version of the game will be launched. He also revealed that the game has already been four years in the making and $131 million was funded for the said game title.

"Star Citizen" production schedule share on weekly basis

Roberts said that the schedule for "Star Citizen Alpha 2.6" will be shared weekly for the public to browse and read. This will have all of the production schedules for Star Marine and Arena Commander Modules, which will all be broken down into specific detail. It will show the technology and systems, content and UI teams, and the stretch goal with the Mega Map.

Why "Star Citizen" single player campaign not included

The "Star Citizen" production schedule did not feature the single player campaign Squadron 42, which got some fans worried since it was a long anticipated module. This will star Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson.

Roberts said that they did not want to give hard dates on the project after they gave out the initial set of dates. He said that the dates he has already given out for the completion of a module or the release of a beta were only rough guidelines.

What to expect for "Star Citizen's" production schedule share

Roberts said that at this point of the development for "Star Citizen," he and his development team felt that it was time to share their schedules with the donors and fans. His current development team comprises of 377 members across four internal studios.

These schedules are the same with the ones they have to update daily and circulated internally in their intra-studio hand-offs, but it will have a few exceptions, Roberts said. The individual developer names will be removed for privacy purposes, the wordings will be rewritten especially the technical jargon, and the JIRA project tracking details will be omitted.

"Star Citizen" fourth anniversary livestream

According to another post on the official website of "Star Citizen," the developers celebrated the close of the original crowd funding campaign with a two-hour livestream. Roberts and the team revealed updates of the ships, the game and more during the event.

Check out the "Star Citizen" Star Marine Preview video below:

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