PlayStation 4 Pro Review: A Cool Console But Is The Price Worth It?


The PlayStation 4 Pro is already out now. For those who want to get one, find out if it's really worth having or better wait for the next one.

PlayStation 4 Pro Fit For Certain Gamers

The PlayStation 4 Pro is better suited for gamers who suit certain categories, according to Business Insider. Those who have not yet bought a PS4 but wants to buy one should get the Pro instead. It's the most powerful PS4 console out in the market. Playing games with PS4 Pro will even look great if the gamer has a 4K TV. People who have 4K TV but want to buy a PS4 would be better off buying the Pro instead.

For those who already have the PS4 and but no 4K TV, the Pro is not worth it. For those on the budget a new PS4 Pro is $100 more expensive than the standard PS4. On the other hand, the Pro is more powerful and presents more beautiful graphics and resolution especially on a 4K television set. The $100 difference can be seen as an investment.

PlayStation 4Pro - 4K Resolution Caveat

Gamers should note that owning a PS4 Pro and 4K TV does not guarantee a superior game graphic resolution. The game developer will have to adjust their past and current products to look good on the PS4 Pro. If not, then the game's graphics will exactly look the same as the standard PS4. Since the PS4 Pro has now been released, gamers can expect more game titles to be 4K compliant.

Should PS4 Owners Worry?

The PS4 Pro does offer a higher processing power and makes games look good on 4K TV, according to Sony. Should standard PS4 owners worry that Sony and game developers will now focused their attention on the Pro? Fortunately, PS4 owners will continue to receive Sony's technical support as well as more games in the foreseeable future.

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