Nintendo Switch Games Update: Switch Will Get ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ But Under Different Name


Nintendo Switch will also get its own version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The upcoming game is currently scheduled for release on 2017 and only known as "Pokemon Stars."

Main Pokemon Game - A First For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will be the first "home console" that will get a main Pokemon game in the past two decades. Bot Nintendo 3 DS and Switch players are going to play the same generation of "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The 3DS version however, will be ship earlier than the Switch version since it will be distributed this November, according to the official "Pokemon Sun and Moon" site.

Nintendo Switch With "Pokemon Stars"

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game for Nintendo Switch however, will have a different title altogether. Right now the upcoming game is codename "Pokemon Stars" and will be released later with a new title, according to Eurogamer. Gameplay will be similar to the 3DS version. Both the Switch and 3DS version will practically have the same storyline, features and game design. The Switch version however, will naturally present the game at a higher resolution with a more vivid graphics compared to the 3DS.

Meanwhile, fans were disappointed when the upcoming "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" will not make it in time for the Nintendo Switch launch date. Fortunately, an upcoming Mario game will take its place instead. There is still no official word however, if the Switch will have multi-touch screen capabilities. There are rumors though that the Switch's handheld device will indeed have that feature.

Expected Release Date

"Pokemon Stars" was supposed to come out on the summer months of 2017 shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the game's launch date has been moved and will probably come out in the later part of 2017. "Pokemon Stars" is being developed by Game Freak which the same team that all Pokemon series since it was featured in Game Boy.

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