‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Second Generation Pokemons Pops Out on Dec. 7; Game Possibly Heading to Saudi Arabia, Iran [VIDEO]


"Pokemon GO" players are excited over the news of second generation Pokemons release rumored to take place on Dec. 7. The possible launching of the game to Saudi Arabia and Iran also adds up to the excitement for the augmented reality game. Read more details here!

Second Generation Pokemons Release Date

The newly added 100 Second Generation Pokemons have not fully announced by Niantic yet, but the names have already been spotted via codes. For this reason, the most anticipated release date of Gen 2 Pokemon creatures are imminent.

In relative to the most awaited release date of second generation Pokemons, an internal memo from Starbucks might have hinted the possible date of release. According to BGR, a Reddit user posted the memo in his account, claiming that he works for Starbucks and that the company is having a marketing campaign regarding the anticipated launching.

Furthermore, the alleged internal memo has revealed that the second generation Pokemons shall be expected to pop out on Dec. 7. For this matter, Starbucks stores will be one of the PokeStops while Pokemon Frappuccino will be one of the products to be endorsed.

On the other hand, many have doubts on the validity of the claim. Aside from the fact that the Reddit user has not been verified, an error from the internal memo was spotted that says "Pokeman" instead of "Pokemon," thus, making it as non-legit.

"Pokemon GO" Saudi Arabia and Iran Launching

It can be recalled that "Pokemon GO" has been banned from the two countries due to conflicts in religion and safety as a whole, most especially to the children, BBC reported. However, the recent launching of "Pokemon GO" in the Middle East countries such as UAE, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel and Bahrain has given light to the hopeful fans in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

According to latest reports, "Pokemon GO" Dittos are spotted along the shorelines of Saudi Arabia, but since there is no concrete evidence regarding the creatures' appearance, fans are advised to take the matters with a grain of salt.  

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