‘Pokemon GO’ Thanksgiving Event: Second Gen Pokemon Release Date Will Be Revealed; Niantic Offers Bird-Based, Horses Pokemon for Thanksgiving? [VIDEO]


As the Thanksgiving celebration is imminent, rumors about the latest offerings of Niantic for "Pokemon GO" started to circulate around the internet most especially the most anticipated release date of second generation Pokemons. Read more details here!

"Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving Event Updates

The success of the commenced "Pokemon GO" Halloween event has eventually opened doors for Niantic to conduct another event during the Thanksgiving celebration. According to Slash Gear, there are so much things to expect from the upcoming event including the announcement of the release date of second generation Pokemons as well what type of Pokemons Niantic would offer during the season.

The release of second generation Pokemon before the Thanksgiving event is highly anticipated but this was not directly confirmed by Niantic. However, fans have been hopeful most especially when they saw the DevianArt poster of Pokemon Pidgey during the celebration of Game-Art-HQ Pokemon 20th Anniversary and they arrived to the conclusion on the imminent release of second generation Pokemons.

Since "Pokemon GO" Halloween event was overwhelmed with nine spooky Pokemons, Niantic is expected to release bird-based and horses Pokemon during the Thanksgiving event. And this set of Pokemons includes Spearow, Fearow, Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Ponyta and Rapidash.

Alongside the above-mentioned Pokemons, fans are also expected other offerings from Niantic such as increasing spawn rates for some Pokemons and tweaks for Buddy System such as lowering the required walking distance, Tech Mic reported. "Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving event is expected to be more festive as possible although the celebration is not applicable to some regions.

On the other hand, Niantic has not issued any official announcement regarding the event; however, "Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving event is expected to start in November 21 and will be extended until the weekends until November 25. The event will be available for selected countries only, most specifically for those who celebrate Thanksgiving Day such as the United States for example.  

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