PS4 Exclusive ‘NiOh’ Livestream: Gameplay Demo Will Be Available for Download? See ‘NiOh’ PS4 Pro Enhancements! [VIDEO]


The most anticipated PS4 exclusive game "NiOh" is finally coming to Sony console in February 2017. Here's the latest update about the gameplay, characters, skills and more!

PS4 Exclusive "NiOh" Livestream Updates

The livestream of "NiOh" this coming Nov. 20 is much anticipated by fans since it will be the very first one before the game's release date in February 2017. According to Dual Shockers, Koei Tecmo, the game creator will host a livestream every 20th of each month until the game's launching next year.

In addition, new bosses will be present during the livestream alongside "NiOh" directors MC Hatsune Matsushima, Yosuke Hayashi and Fumihiko Yasuda together with the director of Impulse, Toshiyuki Itakura. Fresh information about the game and its stages will also be shown during the livestream event.

Exclusive sneak peeks on "NiOh" new characters, skills and more information about the gameplay have been revealed by Weekly Famitsu through screen shots. From the exclusive screen shots provided by the publication, there are three newly added characters which are all Samurai including Otani Yoshitsugu, Ishida Mitsunari and Shima Sakon.

In addition, a new boss monster named Nue will be introduced alongside a new era called Hieizan. A new set of skills like two-sword style and the other that involves magic are also expected to be seen during the livestream. The magical one will enable the players to attack the enemy temporarily through the guidance of the spirit and load the swords with mystical energy at the same time.

"NiOh" is a story of a man named William Adams who embarks a journey to Japan to become a samurai. According to GameSpot, what makes the game exciting is the combination of history and Japanese folklore that will surely take the players into other dimensions.

 "NiOh" PS4 Pro Enhancements

Sony has also announced the PS4 Pro enhancements for "NiOh" most specifically to the four different settings for Action Mode and Movie Mode for HD Display and 4K Display. Watch the "NiOh" game trailer below for more information. 

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